Partcipants Teachers:

Founder Biljana Ingilizova Atanasovska & Tiziana Romano

& Violeta Panev & Biljana Jovanova


      Open the windows was an (English as a foreign language) and German project for students aged 12-14/15. It was from October to March/April 2017.The main idea of this project was to create some postcards in the classroom and then send to the partner countries. All postcards were handmade. Students’ creativity was amazing. For the postcard a various kind of materials were used and many kinds of techniques (drawing, coloring, painting, construction paper, markers, crayons, colored pencils).

 Pupils wrote some words in their language, then translated them into English, also there was a description of the paintings and a short history of their hometown (in English). They added some photos, too, and they included greetings in their mother tongue, too. The aims of this project was suitable for students with A1/A2 level in English. Each school received postcards from a number of different countries and showed them to school community at the end of the work process. Students learned to talk about their hometowns’ history and traditions and they learnt about history and traditions in other countries and some words in other languages. At the end we made an exhibition about their school partners. It was fun!

Photos and postcards by 4th graders